Call for articles for a special issue of Historical Geography exploring creative approaches to history geography

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Call for Publications
August 1, 2020
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Oral History, Research and Methodology, Social Sciences

Over the past fifteen years, historical geographers have begun to develop a range of creative methods - including experimental practices (Patchett, 2016), material explorations (Slatter, 2019), and participatory methods (DeSilvey, 2007). As a result, while still often dependent on official institutional, political, legal or financial archival sources, historical geographers have been able to gain alternative insights that have challenged conventional narratives and perspectives on historical spaces.


In particular, creative approaches have:


  • Facilitated greater insights into everyday historical geographies (Hoskins, 2015).
  • Widened the range of perspectives (genders, cultural backgrounds, social hierarchies, racial identities) (Haines, 2019).
  • Emphasized the importance of more-than-human actors within historical spaces (Bide, 2019).


Building on these existing approaches, this is a call for journal articles that showcase the potential of far-reaching creative methods for undertaking innovative historical geography research. Papers could engage with methodologies including:


  • Participatory engagements with official archives
  • Material culture
  • Affect and nonrepresentational approaches
  • Visual sources
  • Oral histories


Papers which use these methodologies to explore geographical case studies outside of the UK and Ireland would be particularly welcome.


Paper submissions can range from 7-10,000 words and will need to be ready for initial submission in July-August 2020.

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If you would be interested in contributing or have further questions, please contact the special issue’s editor, Dr Ruth Slatter:



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