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African History / Studies
Nominations are invited for the awards described below. The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2020. Kindly help circulate widely.
Section 44: African Politics Conference Group (APCG)2020 Awards - Call for Nominations


The African Politics Conference Group (APCG) is Section 44 of the American Political Science Association (APSA) and Affiliate Organisation of the African Studies Association (ASA). The purpose of this section is to promote recognition within professional associations of the theoretical and methodological contributions to the discipline of political scientists whose research and professional interests center largely or in part upon sub-Saharan Africa.


The APCG-Lynne Rienner Best Dissertation Award Committee invites submissions for the best dissertation in African politics 2019. The award carries a prize and recognizes outstanding scholarship in African politics. Multiple dissertations may be nominated per department. Dissertations that were completed and accepted in the 2019 calendar year are eligible for this award. 


This year’s selection committee consists:

1.      John F. Clark, Ph.D. – CHAIR


Department of Politics and International Relations

Florida International University

Email: clarkj@fiu.edu


2.      Mesharch Katusiimeh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences 

Kabale University, Uganda

Email: mkatusiimeh@gmail.com


3.      Rachel Sigman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of National Security Affairs

Naval Postgraduate School



4.      Seidu Alidu, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer

Department of Political Science

University of Ghana


Email: smalidu@ug.edu.gh


Departments are requested to submit a letter of nomination and an electronic copy of the dissertation to the chair of the committee, Professor John Clark. The deadline for nominations is May 15, 2020. The award is made every year at the annual APSA meeting. 


The APCG Ralphe Bunche Best Graduate Student Paper Award Committee seeks nominations for the 2019 award. The award carries a cash prize and is intended to recognize outstanding scholarship in African politics. Eligible papers must be nominated by a member of the APCG (self nominations are allowed), written by a graduate student, and presented at any professional conference in 2019, regardless of sponsorship or location, at which the paper is presented by the author and/or discussed by another colleague in the profession. This includes papers presented through the APCG online colloquium. The papers cannot have a co-author with a Ph.D.


This year’s committee consists: 

1.      Emmanuel Remi Aiyede, Ph.D. – CHAIR

Professor of Political Institutions, Governance, Public Policy and Administration

Department of Political Science

University of Ibadan, Nigeria



2.      Gina Lambright, Ph.D.

Professorial Lecturer 

School of International Service

American University



3.      Nicholas N. Kerr, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

University of Florida

Email: nkerr@ua.edu


4.      Noah L. Nathan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science 

University of Michigan



To nominate a paper, please send an email with the paper’s author, title, and the conference name to the committee chair, Emmanuel Remi Aiyede. If possible, please also send a copy of the paper. The deadline for nominations is May 15, 2020. The award is made every year at the annual APSA meeting.


 The APCG Best Article Award Committee seeks nominations for the 2020 award. All articles published in peer-reviewed journals in 2019 are eligible.


This year’s committee includes:

1.      Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso, Ph.D. – CHAIR

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Babcock University, Nigeria

Email: yacob-halisoo@babcock.edu.ng


2.      Adrienne LeBas, Ph.D.

Associate Professor 

Department of Government

American University 

Email: Adrienne.lebas@american.edu


3.      Philip Martin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 

School of Policy and Government

George Mason University

Email: pmarti5@gmu.edu


4.      Barry Driscoll, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 

Grinnell College

Department of Political Science

Email: driscoll@grinnell.edu


Please send the full abstract and, if possible, a copy of the article itself to the committee chair, Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso. The deadline for nominations is May 15, 2020. The award is made every year at the annual ASA annual meeting. 


The APCG Best Book on African Politics AwardCommittee invites nominations for the 2020 award. To be eligible, books must have been published in English in 2019. Books should analyze an issue related to political science or international relations with special reference to Africa. The book should employ methodological techniques regarded as appropriate by any subgroup of contemporary political scientists. Edited volumes are not eligible. Translations of books written in a foreign language qualify if the translation was published in 2019.


This year’s committee consists of:

1.      Jaimie Bleck, Ph.D. – CHAIR 

Associate Professor

Kellogg Institute for International Studies 

University of Notre Dame

Email: jbleck@nd.edu


2.      Laura Emily Freeman

Safety and Violence Initiative

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Email: laura.emily.freeman@gmail.com


3.      Felix Kumah-Abiwu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 

Department of Pan African Studies

Kent State University

Email: fkumahab@kent.edu


 To submit nominations, please notify the chair of the committee that you have nominated a book, and then send copies of the book directly to each committee member at the addresses listed below no later than May 15, 2020.  If possible, please send electronic copies of the book as well. The award is made every year at the annual ASA annual meeting. 


The APCG John Harbeson Distinguished Africanist Award Committee invites nominations for the 2020 award. The award is presented bi-annually at the African Studies Association annual meeting to a senior scholar in recognition of distinction in publications, undergraduate and/or graduate teaching, mentoring, leadership, and institution-building in the area of African politics. Please send nomination letters to the committee chair, Lahra Smith by May 15, 2020.The award is made every two years at the annual ASA annual meeting


This year’s committee consists of:

1.      Lahra Smith, Ph.D. - CHAIR

Associate Professor

Walsh School of Foreign Service

African Studies Program & Department of Government

Georgetown University

Email: Lahra.Smith@georgetown.edu


2.      Azeez Olaniyan, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer

Department of Political Science 

Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria



3.      Lauren McLean, Ph.D.


Department of Political Science

Indiana University at Bloomington



4.      Gretchen Bauer, Ph.D.


Political Science and IR

University of Delaware

Email: gbauer@udel.edu


Contact Info: 

Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso, Babcock University