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May 13, 2020 to May 17, 2020
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We have good news about the 2020 edition of The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival!  Despite the coronavirus pandemic—indeed, BECAUSE of it—films selected for the Festival competition will be available for online viewing everywhere.


We had many public gatherings scheduled for the Festival period of May 13-17, 2020, but of course these all have been called off.  Rather than throwing in the towel, we decided to turn lemons into lemonade and keep the Festival alive in the virtual world that many of us are inhabiting while we hunker down at home.  If you haven’t seen TAC Festival films before, you likely will be amazed at the quality and incredible range of these productions, which are among the best in the cultural-heritage world of 2020.


We can’t offer this for free, but the cost is minimal—just $5 for a virtual ticket to watch any of the selected films within the Festival period, May 13-17, 2020.  The sign-up link will be available at as soon as we can get it up there.  You can see the list of titles and get more information about them right now and even watch the trailers to decide which ones you will want to watch.


TAC Festival is much more than an exhibition of the world’s top cultural heritage films.  We designed it to promote the development of cultural heritage media in the US and worldwide.  For this, our 17th season, we accepted 103 film entries from 26 countries.  The 26 films in the 2020 competition cover a variety of fascinating topics from around the globe: places as far apart as Singapore and Peru and across the human timeline from hundreds of thousands of years ago in the Neanderthal era to the Japanese bombing of Oregon in World War II.  That’s just a start.  How about the lifeway of the world’s last hunter-gatherers, an updated interpretation of Stonehenge, revelations about how the Egyptian pyramids were built, and the fascinating story of Polynesian sea voyagers as told by themselves?  And we have much more!


Enjoy the Festival films!  We’ll announce the award winners on May 18.


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