Call for think pieces on the theme "Governance, in Crisis"

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Call for Publications
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Diplomacy and International Relations, Political Science, Public Health, Social Sciences, Public Policy


Crises raise important questions about the viability of an existing order. The COVID-19 crisis, too, has revealed many truths about the contemporary global order, which was already far from stable. It is becoming apparent that if we retain the same governance models that got us here today, the incidence and severity of future crises will outstrip our capacity to respond to them effectively. It is in this context that we need more critical reflection, across disciplinary boundaries and beyond existing paradigms, on the limits of existing governance systems to solve wicked problems and innovative ways to address future global challenges. How are existing governance systems responding to crisis, or are they themselves in crisis?


The Graduate Institute’s Global Governance Centre has launched a special series of think pieces on the theme “Governance, in crisis”, to be published regularly on the Global. It aims to :

  1. Investigate the inherent connections among issue domains and the resulting governance challenges (e.g. the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and trade, environment, migration, technology);
  2. Reveal the limits and/or untapped potential of existing governance systems, globally, regionally, nationally, locally, to solve wicked problems;
  3. Promote creative thinking about how to predict/overcome crises and better address future global challenges.


For more information about how you can contribute, consult the editorial guidelines or contact: