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Call for Papers
July 1, 2020
Russian Federation
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Humanities, Religious Studies and Theology, Social Sciences, Sociology

The quarterly peer-reviewed journal State, Religion and Church in Russia and Worldwide / Gosudarstvo, religiia, tserkov' v Rossii i za rubezhom ( will dedicate a special thematic block in 2020 to the reactions of religious communities to the Covid-2019 pandemic. 

The unprecedented global crisis associated with the Covid-19 pandemic sharply exacerbates all tensions in public life, makes hidden conflicts and disputes manifest. This also applies to the communities of various religions. The very fact of the pandemic, its emotional perception, as well as its medical and political implications, require urgent reactions from religious institutions and individual believers. These reactions may relate to changes in rituals, daily practices, and forms of communication; lead to a deep crisis of religious economy; cause the emergence of new myths, phobias and protective strategies; generate theological interpretations and new ethical choices.

For academic disciplines studying religion, this critical situation provides the unique material and produces new methodological and conceptual challenges. There is a need to revisit a few currently used concepts and research fields, such as, for example, material religion (in connection with the quarantine regime of social distance); semiotic ideologies (due to the increased need for providential interpretations); structure of religiosity (due to changing relationships of belief, ritual and behavior); virtual/digital religion (due to a massive transfer of religion into the digital space); lived religion (due to the growth of normative uncertainty with the weakening or authoritative sources of identity); transnational syncretism and hybridity (due to the suspension of migration contacts and the revival of national barriers).

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