Family and Women in Eastern Europe: Current Research on Family and Women since the Middle Ages until present times

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Call for Papers
April 30, 2020
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Childhood and Education, Eastern Europe History / Studies, Health and Health Care, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Family and Women in Eastern Europe: Current Research on Family and Women since the Middle Ages until present times.

2020, October 14-16

Gender research is one of the important, newer fields of historical research. In contrast, topics on family and women's history have not yet been sufficiently analysed for Eastern Europe. Women and family history are particularly suitable as a perspective for the analysis of societies, since this perspective questions not only gender orders, but also political, cultural and socio-economic values.

The joint junior researchers' conference would like to take up this subject area and discuss research on this topic by young researchers. Possible topics could be:

  • How have ideas about family and women changed?
  • Are there specifics in the Eastern Europe?
  • Do the ideas of family and women reflect the minority problem and urban-rural relations?
  • How is emancipation discussed?
  • Was there a "sexual revolution" in the Eastern Europe and what were the consequences?
  • What status has gender research there?

The four organizing institutions, the Institute of Lithuanian History (Vilnius), the Herder-Institute (Marburg), the Nordost-Institut (IKGN e.V., Lüneburg) and the ZOIS, Center for East European and International Studies, and Center for Historical Research Berlin of the Polish Academy of Science (CBH)  invite up to 15 young scholars working on their MA or PhD thesis from various disciplines to discuss their projects.

Any proposal on these and other themes relevant to the topic of the conference is highly welcome. Keynote speakers from the region and other European countries will provide an introduction to the topic. Individual papers should be max. 25 minutes long with 20 minutes for discussion. The working language will be English.

Travel costs (only within Europe) as well as accommodation will be paid by the organizers. Proposals of 300 words or less with a short biography of the presenter and their area of  research should be submitted in a word document by 30.04.2020 to:

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