CFP Trans-Regional Connections in the Classical and Post-Classical Worlds

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Call for Papers
May 6, 2020
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World History / Studies, Ancient History, Archaeology, Area Studies, Classical Studies

This is the second and last call for the submission of papers suitable as individual articles for the June 2020 issue of the journal World History Connected generally, but most especially for papers  for possible inclusion in its curated topical article section or Forum, which will be devoted to “Trans-Regional Connections in the Classical and Post-Classical Worlds.”  Articles submitted for review and already accepted for that Forum address the concept of the "The Axial Age" as an issue in epic world literature, the use of war elephants in India and the Greco-Roman World, and the current controversial effort to conceive of the periodization of world history as beginning with 1200 to 1450 c. e. for purposes of instruction in American schools.    Also welcome are articles revising or expanding on the foundational work on this subject by historians William McNeill and Jerry Bentley and innovative teaching approaches to the subject. Submissions should be received by May 6, 2020.

World History Connected is a non-profit, open sourced (free), double-blind peer-reviewed publication of the University of Illinois Press, which annually reaches 1.85 million readers and receives more than 3 million visitors to its website (  Submissions are always welcome that address research and the scholarship of teaching on topics germane to the interdisciplinary field of world history. Its February 2020 issue explored the Vikings with articles including, but not limited to, sagas reflecting the Viking experience of indigenous people in Vinland, the ancient roots of political councils factoring in Scandinavian politics today, and an essay emphasizing the need to incorporate the “Hornless Helmet” view of Norse life at all levels of instruction.  The issued also offered an accessible annotated database on Vikings already by readers. The October 2020 issue will address topics in Southeast Asia in World History for which a call for papers has already been launched and submissions have already been received.  

World History Connected welcomes the submission of articles on world history, global studies and transnational studies. It appears three times a year (February, June and October).   Articles should be over 3,00 words in length with a suggested maximum of 10,000 words. As mentioned above, the journal also welcomes contributions for Forums comprised of innovative articles on a single topic designed to further either or both world historical analysis and pedagogy. The journal welcomes the submission by Guest Editors of Forums on any subject germane to the field. Past Guest Editors who have curated Forums in the past have included Presidents of the World History Association and the American Historical Association.  

Submissions of individual papers, Forum concepts, and papers on Forum topics may be sent via e-mail to the Editor, with the subject line beginning with ‘WHC.” Those interested in contributing a book review should visit the website for books currently available for review or consult the journal’s Book Review Editor, Christine Skwiot, at Those interested in serving as peer reviewers need only submit a short cv and a list of areas of interest to the editor.

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