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Islamic History / Studies, Languages, Linguistics, Middle East History / Studies, Teaching and Learning

Perspectives on Academic Persian

Springer Language Policy (LAPO) Series



There is a growing competition among many Middle Eastern languages to produce their academic discourse. Similar to academic English, most non-Western languages, including Persian, are developing new styles and genres to produce academic texts. Some follow conventional patterns of academic writings. Although the available literature discusses the literary aspects of Persian exhaustively (an example could be the scholarship on poetry and prose), not much has been written on styles and forms of academic Persian. Non-literary aspects of Persian, particularly its academic potential, remain unnoticed. In this volume, the primary question is, “what is academic Persian?” Could one revisit academic aspects to a language that has long been known for poetry and prose?


Perspectives on Academic Persian is a modest proposal to discover new areas of an old language. The volume would be published by Springer in the Language Policy (LAPO) series.


Potential themes in the volume include (but are not limited to) the following,


The concept of Academic Persian

Academic Persian: the basics and the context

Grammatical and Structural Considerations

Historical Grounds for Academic Persian

Academic Persian as a lingua franca?

Academic Persian vs. Scientific Persian


Persian Academic Skills






Genres of Academic Persian

Genre Analysis in Academic Persian

Historical case studies

Academic Persian in Different Disciplines

Lexical Analysis of Academic Persian


Challenges of Academic Persian

Academizing an Eastern Language

Weighing Literary Backgrounds

Linguistic Policies of Modern Persian

Academic Persian vs. Academic Persians

Technical Concerns (e.g., machine reading, crawling, indexing, plagiarism detection, etc.)


Pedagogical Perspectives

Teaching Academic Persian to non-Persian Speakers

Issues of Material Development in Academic Persian

Issues of Syllabus and Curriculum Designing

Methods and Techniques of Teaching Academic Persian

Teacher Training Courses: various case studies


Possible Research Areas

Syntax in Academic Persian

Discourse Analysis

Corpus Development in Academic Persian

Influences of English on Academic Persian

Influences of Arabic on Academic Persian

A.I. and Gamification of Academic Persian

Role of the Persian Academy in Academic Persian

Ethnographic Accounts of Academic Persian  

              Evaluation and Assessment in Academic Persian



Scholars, researchers, and teachers are invited to send an abstract (max. 250 words) of their proposed chapters and a short bio-note to Abbas Aghdassi ( before April 20, 2020.


Chapters may be sumbmitted in English or Persian.


Notification of acceptance would be communicated by April 30, 2020. Upon the acceptance of your chapter, you would be invited to submit the full chapter by August 30, 2020. Chapters would undergo a single review, and you would be notified if any probable revisions are requested.


Accepted chapters would be published in an edited volume by Springer Language Policy (LAPO) series. You may like to download the poster, product flyer, or the CALL FOR CHAPTERS. Kindly circulate the call.



Contact                               Abbas Aghdassi, ed., (

Abstract submission        April 20, 2020

Acceptance note              April 30, 2020

Chapter submission        August 30, 2020

Initial reviews                  September 30, 2020




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