Subjekt. Objekt. Abjekt. Annäherung an eine Soziologie der Absonderlichkeiten (Subject. Object. Abject. Approximation towards a Sociology of Peculiarities)

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Call for Publications
May 1, 2020
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Popular Culture Studies, Sexuality Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology


Subjekt. Objekt. Abjekt. Annäherung an eine Soziologie der Absonderlichkeiten.
(Subject. Object. Abject. Approximation towards a Sociology of Peculiarities.)

Aversion, disgust and loathing are basic emotions of every life-world. Those emotions align to what is abject, disgusting, impure, perhaps even unholy. More often than not they elicit a reaction of the body: observable shaking, choking, facial twisting, itching, even vomiting. These denote that what is forbidden and the fringes of socially valid knowledge. Thus, they serve as an indication of what is alien and strange to us as the everyday "man in the street". While there are sociological and even more so (mundane)phenomenological approaches towards the unknowing, those fringes of knowledge have yet to be explored systematically in the perspective of the abject.

The edition is to be published by Beltz in Germany in summer 2021. Interested authors should send a 400-word abstract along with a short biographical note by May 1st, 2020. Authors will be notified whether their proposals are accepted by May 30th, 2020. Final papers are due by December 31th. Please note that all contributions should be written in German. Only in very special cases we will be able to consider papers authored in other languages.

The entire Call for Papers can be found here.

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