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Call for Papers
March 4, 2020 to May 30, 2020
Kentucky, United States
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African History / Studies, Area Studies, Atlantic History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies




We invite contributions of scholarly essays for an edited anthology focusing on the African experience since the precolonial period. This book will provide instructors and students of African history with a comprehensive and up-to-date account of Africa’s cultural and political history, economic development, artistic expressiveness, religious and philosophical worldviews, among other topics.

Please consult the list of topics below and submit a 300-word abstract of your proposed essay to on or before May 30, 2020. Authors will receive notifications of acceptance in a timely manner, along with guidelines for contributors. Essays must be original, not previously published, or under simultaneous review elsewhere for publication. All submissions will be peer-reviewed before they are accepted for publication. For any further inquiries, please contact Dr. Ogechi E. Anyanwu.


African Geography and Environment

States and Empires in Africa

Ancient Egypt

Trans-Saharan Slave Trade

Written and Oral Literature in Africa

Indigenous African Religions

Christianity and Islam in Africa

Social Institutions in Africa

Women in Africa

Masculinity in Africa

Sport in Africa

Music in Africa

African art, film and theatre

Educational Development in Africa

The Atlantic Slave Trade

European Expansion and the Scramble for Africa

Apartheid in South Africa

Pan-Africanism and Decolonization in Africa

Colonial Legacies: Neocolonialism and Nation Building in Africa

War and Peace in Africa

Africa and Globalization

African Continental Unity: From OAU and AU

Africa in International Economic Relations (Unassigned)

Human Rights in Africa

Immigration and African immigrants in the United States

The Travails and Triumphs of Democratization in Postcolonial Africa



  • Dr. Ogechi E. Anyanwu, Department of History, Eastern Kentucky University,
  • Dr. Lisa Day, Department of Anthropology, Sociology, & Social Work, Eastern Kentucky University,
  • Dr. Iddah A. Otieno, African and African American Studies, Eastern Kentucky University,
  • Dr. Joshua Farrington, African and African American Studies, Eastern Kentucky University,
  • Dr. Segbegnon M. Gnonhossou, African and African American Studies, Eastern Kentucky University,
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Dr. Ogechi E. Anyanwu


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