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Call for Publications
November 22, 2020
United Arab Emirates
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Arabic History / Studies, Area Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Islamic History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies

Cambridge Scholars Publishing  -  'Arts, Design & Culture in Cities’

Below is a call for contributions to the next book in the Cambridge Scholars Publishing series 'Arts, Design and Culture in Cities'. Chapters will be drawn from the ‘Rapid Cities’ Conference organized by AMPS and the American University in Dubai to coincide with WORLD EXPO 2020.



American University in Dubai

22-24 November, 2020


Abstracts: 30th June 2020 (Round One)   /   01st October 2020 (Round Two)


The previous publication in this series, ‘Critical Practices in Architecture’, includes a foreword from Jane Rendell. It was based on her keynote talk at the AMPS conference ‘Critical Practice in an Age of Complexity’.


This conference and its promary publication will use the themes of DUBAI EXPO 2020 as the starting point for a cultural and historic critique of architecture, planning and design globally.


For themes, see the ‘Rapid Cities’ conference call:


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Lorraine Gess