Law and Legal Agreements 600-1250

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January 12, 2018 to January 13, 2018
United Kingdom
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Law and Legal History, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Social History / Studies
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12th January 2018 – 13th January 2018
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4th January 2018

This conference is the final event hosted by the Voices of Law: Language, Text and Practice network. Following on from the Law and Language Colloquium in 2015 and the Law and Ritual Colloquium in 2016, the final Colloquium in the Voices of Law series, funded by The Leverhulme Trust, will be Law and Legal Agreements 600-1250. This conference aims to draw together scholars working on various geographical areas to identify points of similarity and contrast in language, text and legal practice. The making of legal agreements opens a window onto various aspects of the medieval world, from trade to marriage to the treatment of ‘outsiders’, and this conference aims to chart the development of these agreements from the period c.600 to c.1250.

The keynote speaker is Robin Chapman Stacey.

Papers are as follows:

Alice Taylor (Cambridge University) – Gúbretha Caratniad: Agreement and Disagreement in the Classroom

Keith Ruiter (University of Aberdeen) – Agreeing to Disagree: Exploring the Violent Power of Language in Early Scandinavian Disputes

Paul Russell (Cambridge University) – Insult, Shame and Disgrace: Legal Register in Medieval Welsh Law

Jenny Benham (Cardiff University) – Exile, Arbitration and Trade: "International" Law, 700-1200

Alex Sigston (Cambridge University) – Aliens across the Border: Regulating the alltud in Medieval Wales

Lucy Hennings (Oxford University) – International Arbitration from Magna Carta to the Mise of Amiens

David Peterson (Universidad de Burgos) – Generic Witnesses in Spanish Charters

Megan Welton (University of Notre Dame) – Witnesses, Intercessors and Tenth-Century Practice in Anglo-Saxon England and Late Carolingian Francia

Rebecca Searby (University of York) – Constructing Jewish Testimony in the Court Coram Rege

Stefan Jurasinski (New State University of New York) – The Ordeal in Anglo-Saxon England: Reconsidering Felix Liebermann’s Judicia Dei

Lukas Bothe (Free University of Berlin)– From Debt to Sin? Wergild Liability and the Evolution of Individual Guilt in Frankish Law (c.6thC-c.9thC)

R. Gwynedd Parry (Swansea University) – Awdl yr Haearn Twym: A Poetic take on trial by ordeal in Medieval Wales

Jacqueline Bemmer (University of Vienna) – Pledge-contracts entered by women? Exploring the evidence in Early Irish Law Texts c.650-750AD

Gianmarco De Angelis (University of Padua) – Written documents and spoken words, impostures and violence: Claiming rights and properties in Early Medieval Italy (c.800-c.1100)

Emma Cavell (Swansea University) – Foreign Practices and Native Agreements: Widows and their dower in Pre-Conquest Wales


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