CFP: The Men and the Boys, Twenty Years on - Revisiting Raewyn Connell's pivotal text

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Call for Papers
February 29, 2020
United States
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Anthropology, Childhood and Education, Sexuality Studies, Sociology, Women's & Gender History / Studies


The Men and the Boys, Twenty Years on: Revisiting Raewyn Connell's pivotal text

Edited by Victoria Cann, Kopano Ratele, Sebastián Madrid, Anna Tarrant, and Michael R.M. Ward with Raewyn Connell

2020 will mark the twentieth anniversary of Raewyn Connell’s highly influential text The Men and the Boys. The book, which was published five years after the release of the ground-breaking text Masculinities, tackled multiple issues concerning men and boys. In addition, the book also outlined the future direction of the field in key areas around men and masculinities, globalization and its different forms, men’s bodies, the role of the media and culture in men’s lives, sexuality, education, health, politics, change, violence and peace. In recent years, questions about men and boys have continued to raise remarkable media interest, public concerns and controversy on a global scale.

In this special issue of Boyhood Studies (Volume 13, Issue 2) we invite scholars to revisit the text prompted by key themes from the book, highlighting where we are now in the field of boyhood and young masculinities. By drawing on work from both the global north and global south, the issue will enhance our contemporary understanding of boys and young men’s practices as they negotiate pathways to adulthood. More specifically, the issue seeks to focus on the ways masculinities are formed in childhood and youth, the current state of the “boy turn” in education, and also seek to explore questions of embodiment and violence, the gender regimes of institutions, the role of parents and teachers and the making of gender diversity among boys and within the wider media and cultural milieus they inhabit.This is an exciting opportunity to publish alongside Raewyn herself, who will contribute to the issue.

Submissions could take the following formats:

» 1) Full length empirical papers relevant to or dealing with issues Connell’s theorising of boys and young men has helped to open up (max 6,000 words including references).

» 2) Commentary pieces focusing on the significance of the text The Men and the Boys and its key themes, and discussing where the field can now head and treating Connell’s work as a resource for new departures (max 4,000 words including references).

» 3) Shorter, 1,000 words reflective pieces addressing the importance of Connell’s work to their own scholarship. We will also consider including other creative submissions.

Authors are asked to submit an abstract first and are invited to do so no later than February 29, 2020. Please entitle the email subject as “Abstract Submission: Special Issue on The Men and the Boys.” If accepted, full manuscript drafts are due June 1, 2020. If we receive a high number of submissions, we may consider a double issue. The issue will be published in December 2020.

Please submit abstracts or direct questions to More information on the journal, including the journal's style guide, can be found at

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Editor: Michael R.M. Ward, Swansea University


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