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Call for Papers
February 13, 2020 to March 15, 2020
Subject Fields: 
Government and Public Service, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Policy, Social Sciences

The Factory for Innovative Policy Solutions (FIPS) is currently expanding its publishing activities with the introduction of the First Principles Thinking Review, an authoritative semi-annual publication about the theoretical notions of first principles thinking as well as the method's practical applications in the search for innovative policy solutions. If you are interested in contributing to our first edition in spring 2020, please direct your attention to the information below:

  • Themes: History/theory/practical applications of first principles thinking.

  • Word Limit: Minimum 500 words, although longer submissions are encouraged.

  • Title, summary and keywords: Please title your article (10 words or less), give a short (100 words) description and provide at leat three key words.

  • References: Please use footnotes for all in-text citations and include a bibliography in APA format.

  • Language: Consistent British or American spellings are equally acceptable.

  • File format: Submit your article in a (Microsoft) Word accessible format.

  • Licensing: All editions are to be published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-NA license.

  • Editing: All submitted documents are subject to editing for clarity and space. An editor may contact you for clarification or suggest changes in substance. 

However, if you would still like to make a contribution but are not sure exactly how to get started, send us an idea for an article you would like to write and the editorial team will try to help make your proposal a reality.

Contact Info: 

FIPS Editor-in-Chief: Kacper Grass (