Conference "Rural and Urban Jewries Between Tradition and Modernity“

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July 27, 2020 to July 29, 2020
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Jewish History / Studies

International Junior Scholars Workshop, German Association for Jewish Studies, “Rural and Urban Jewries Between Tradition and Modernity“, University of Bamberg, July 27-29, 2020

Each session consist of four hours of lectures, discussion and joint readings


Monday, July 27, 2020 in Bamberg

13:00 Welcome, Concept of the Workshop, Introduction: Rebekka Denz, Carsten Schapkow, Michael K. Schulz

14:00 Session 1 (with break)

Country and City: Modernity and Tradition --  Chair: Cornelia Aust

Monika Müller: Country Jews in the Cities? – On the Importance of Country and City in the Jewish History of Pfalz-Neuburg

Moritz Bauerfeind: Franconian Reform Rabbis as Conciliators and Troublemakers

Ekaterina Oleshkevich: Rural and Urban Jewish Childhoods in the Russian Pale of Settlement: What are the Differences?

Oded Heilbronner: Catholic and Jewish Rural Bourgeoisie in Germany

18:00 Break

18:30 Invited Lecture Cornelia Aust: Jewish Rural and Urban Spaces: A Few Conceptual Considerations

20:00 Dinner


Tuesday, July 28, 2020 in Laudenbach (City district of Karlstadt, Lower Franconia)

8:30 Excursion -- Jewish Tradition and Modernity in Rural Franconia

13:00 Working Lunch

14:00 Session 2 (with break) at the historic Laudenbach Synagogue

Between Country and City: Material Culture-- Chair: Axel Töllner

Hanna-Barbara Rost: The Jewish Community of Baiersdorf at the Interface between City and Country

Stefanie Fuchs: „Land unter?“ – Urban and Rural mikva’ot in the Hygiene Discourse of the 19th Century 

Hannah-Lea Wasserfuhr: The Hirsch-Synagogue in Heppenheim

18:00 Return to Bamberg

20:00: Dinner in Bamberg


Wednesday, July 29, 2020 in Bamberg

8:30 Session 3 (with break)

Migration and Transnationality -- Chair: Frank Jacob

Felicitas Remer: City and Country as Sites of Modernization and Nation-Building: Urban and Rural Settlement in the Debates of German-Speaking Zionists, c. 1890-1939

Shai Abadi: The 'Old' Rural Jew in Hebrew Revival Literature

Verity Steele: Religious “New Jews” in the City and on the Farm: The Youth Movement Brit Chalutzim Dati’im

Max Lazar: “New People in the Old Gemeinde”: Rural Jewish Migration to Frankfurt am Main, 1933-1941

12:30 Lunch Snack

13:00 Resume: Rebekka Denz, Michael K. Schulz and Axel Töllner

14:00 Conclusion


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Carsten Schapkow, Ph.D.

L.R. Brammer, Jr. Presidential Professor in History

Department of History/Schusterman Center for Judaic and Israel Studies

Director, Center for the Study of Nationalism 

College of International Studies 

The University of Oklahoma


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