Life With and Without Animals: The second (Un)common Worlds conference 14-16 July 2020, Derby

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Call for Papers
March 13, 2020
United Kingdom
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Animal Studies

The Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre is pleased to announce the second (Un)common Worlds conference, Life With and Without Animals, a three-day international animal studies conference.

Our aim with this conference is to convey a sense of what the interdisciplinary field of animal studies looks like in 2020, and we welcome your contributions in support of this proposal. In recognition of the 20-year anniversaries of the first animal studies conferences, and in response to developments within the field, we now invite proposals from all disciplines and fields in response to our title, Life With and Without Animals. We are particularly interested in responses to the following themes, but will consider others that relate to the conference title:
   Encounters and interventions
   Spaces of empathy and loss
   In and out of sight
   Shared environments
These themes are deliberately open-ended and are intended primarily as prompts for thought. Proposals that do not necessarily relate to these loose themes will be considered just as seriously as those that do so. Some proposals may choose to address priorities that have shifted over the past 20 years, perhaps most importantly in recognition of the impact of climate change, environmental degradation and species extinctions, and the changes these have brought about to our understanding of, and engagement with, the more-than-human world. Others may be reports, contributions or presentations on research-in-progress within scientific and artistic domains.

To submit a paper please go to and complete the form with a 250 word abstract for your presentation and a 100 word biography by 13 March 2020. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 24 April 2020. 

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Ang Bartram, Professor of Contemporary Art and Head of Arts Research at the University of Derby

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