Call for academic advisors for Cambridge Open Engage early research platform

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Call for Volunteers
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Archaeology, Anthropology, Humanities, Social Sciences

Academic advisors for Cambridge Open Engage

Cambridge University Press is building a new early research platform, Cambridge Open Engage. The platform will be a place to host preprints, conference papers, presentations and posters, and content will be moderated before it gets posted. The moderation will mostly be done by our paid moderators, but there might be some submissions where we need an expert eye to, e.g., confirm that something is scholarly research, and advise whether any issue should prevent its posting, according to our site guidelines. These checks are not intended to replicate peer review, only to ensure that valid scholarly content is posted on the site. In the lead up to launching the platform, we’re still looking for 1-2 arts and humanities scholars who at PhD or Post Doc level, preferably one in Archaeology, and one in any arts subject, who can serve as academic advisors on the subset of submissions that need to be escalated by our moderators.

We expect the time commitment to be low, especially to begin with. A check on a paper might take something like 20-30 minutes, and we expect to have low submissions to begin with, with only some of those escalated by our moderators. We’ll offer a briefing on what the role entails and a £100 Amazon voucher to say thank you after the first 3 months. It’s also a great way to get involved in the early research space for anyone who is interested.

If you’re interested, please send a brief message to, describing your background and why you are interested in volunteering.