The Long Game of US HIstoriography: A Century of Competing Interpretations

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March 23, 2020
Pennsylvania, United States
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American History / Studies, Atlantic History / Studies

This day-long event will consider papers by three scholars who are pushing scholars to re-think how we understand established historiographies. François Furstenberg (Johns Hopkins University) gives a wider context for Frederick Jackson Turner beyond the frontier thesis; Harvey Neptune (Temple University) challenges our assumptions about the mid-twentieth-century Consensus School; and Johann Neem (Western Washington University) re-frames the stakes and meanings of Atlantic History. Alone and in conversation in a final roundtable, these papers aim to provoke scholars to re-examine what we think we know about older scholarship and in the process suggest tools for how we understand the paradigms we use in studying the past.


Participants should read the papers in advance. The papers will be made available to all registered participants on March 1.


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This event is generously co-sponsored by the Temple University History Department and the McNeil Center for Early American Studies

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