On Differences, Togetherness & Politics: Reading Nazrul vis-à-vis South Asian Thinkers

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September 16, 2020 to September 18, 2020
Subject Fields: 
Humanities, South Asian History / Studies, Social Sciences, Cultural History / Studies, Peace History / Studies

Papers are invited for presentation, related to any of the following sub-themes:

Differences and Exchanges: Nazrul and His Works

Togetherness in a multination: Lessons from Nazrul

Politics of Belonging with Others: Insights from Nazrul

Nationalities, Identities and Beyond: Nazrul in a Comparative Lens with South Asian Thinkers

Relevance of Nazrul in Contemporary South Asia Call for Papers

A limited number of presenters will be invited to participate in the international conference. The participants interested in presenting paper are requested to mail an abstract of the proposed paper (within 500 words), along with five keywords and a brief bio-note (within 250 words) to Srikanta Roy Chowdhury (e-mail: nazrulodtp2020@gmail.com; WhatsApp: +91 9832481951). Last date for submitting abstracts: May 24, 2020 till 12:00 midnight. Date of confirming the acceptance to the selected participants: May 30, 2020. The participants invited for the conference should mail the first draft of their complete paper in English, unpublished and with proper citations (as per the style sheet to be provided along with the letter of acceptance) by August 30, 2020. The organizers can reimburse the travelling expenses (if required) and will be happy to provide hospitality from September 15 afternoon to September 19 forenoon, 2020. Terms and conditions will be intimated along with the letter of acceptance.

Contact Info: 

Dr. Srikanta Roy Chowdhury, Department of History, Southfield College, Darjeeling

(e-mail: nazrulodtp2020@gmail.com; WhatsApp: +91 9832481951)

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