Presentation: Henrietta Crawford & Black Feminisms in Post Civil War New Jersey, 1865-1900

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February 20, 2020
New Jersey, United States
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Women's & Gender History / Studies

Largely forgotten and overlooked in history, Henrietta Crawford left an indelible record in southern New Jersey. Widely known for her work as a church pastor, temperance campaigner and a leading voice in women’s suffrage and education reform, Crawford was radically active in Vineland affairs for 40 years before relocating to Woodbury where her work continued unabated. Conceptually, this biographical study emanates from the socio-political perspective identifying Black feminist thought as a catalytic force in American protest movements.

Thur. Feb. 20, 6:30pm Franklinville Public Library
1584 Coles Mill Rd. Franklinville, NJ

Sun. Mar. 22, 2pm Cumberland County Historical Society
981 Ye Grate St., Greenwich, Twp., NJ

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