Deadline extended for TAC tour of the prehistoric temples of Malta, April 11-18, 2020!

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April 11, 2020 to April 18, 2020
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Our new tour program ( is set apart from others by our commitment to storytelling and expert guidance. We believe that a tour should be far more than a photo-op or checking off a bucket list. And we like to design unique tours not offered by others. This furthers our nonprofit public mission to tell the human story and brings in badly needed revenue to fuel our programs. Please help us spread the word!

Our tour, “Malta: Land of Forgotten Temples,” designed and led by experts from the Malta National Museum of Archaeology, is an occasion to visit the prehistoric temples of Malta and of her sister island, Gozo, in the period April 11-18, 2020.  But it includes much more.

This 7-day tour emphasizes the history of Malta, from the Neolithic to Medieval times, with a focus on the mysterious prehistoric temples of Malta, which are some of the oldest standing structures on Earth, even predating the pyramids of Egypt! Abandoned by their builders around 2500 BC, these impressive megalithic temples stand as a reflection of Malta’s early human habitation and are one of the great mysteries of world archaeology. While you visit these ancient ruins, you will feel the impact of the 8,000 years of history that suffuses the landscape of Malta. In addition to the temples, you’ll visit Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, an underground chamber that served as a mausoleum for over 7000 people during Temple Period times. We’ll do a walking tour of the capital, Valletta, and enjoy Easter festivities. We’ll have a dinner high atop the central acropolis of Malta, Mdina, which was the capital from Phoenician times up the 16th century. Among other activities, we’ll see Roman house and catacombs, medieval churches, catch a ferry ride to the neighboring island of Gozo, visit a quaint fishing village, take a peek at the unexplained cart ruts worn into the limestone bedrock, lunch at the Blue Grotto, and enjoy an exclusive 3-course banquet such as was eaten during the time of the Knights of Malta with a presentation by the curator about the foods and wines consumed. Remarkably, everybody there speaks Maltese (an Arabic language) and English!

We need just three more people to sign up for our Malta tour in order to ensure that it will take place. To allow time for more registrants, we’ve extended our deadline to February 11. We are urging our friends and supporters to consider signing up for the Malta tour or sharing this information with others who might be interested.

Please take a look at the film we made about the prehistoric temples of Malta, which is on TAC at the following link:

Then you will see why we chose to do a tour to Malta!

More details are at, including the Malta tour registration form. Please share as much as possible and feel free to get back to us with any questions. Email us at

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