Launching Atmospheric Humanities: Airs, Weather, and Climate in Arts, History and Social Sciences

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July 14, 2020
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Humanities

Launching the Atmospheric Humanities

Hermoupolis, Syros Island, Greece

14-16 July 2020


The Atmospheric Humanities is a fast emerging field of scholarship seeking to understand socio-cultural dimensions of atmospheric experience, knowledge and practice. Exploring atmospheric agency in its historical and contemporary manifestations, atmospheric humanities investigate the atmosphere as a site of diverse appropriations of air’s modalities and their reproduction in practices of aerial and climatological citizenship. This foundational workshop aims to initiate and foster discussions on how atmospheric themes, memes, and objects emerge, spread and travel across artistic and academic communities. We especially welcome contributions from scholars whose work spans disciplines, including, but not limited to, literary and media studies, history of science, environmental history, aesthetics, visual arts, architecture, phenomenology, and social sciences.


Key themes:
– The changing representation(s) of the atmosphere in art and popular media, both contemporary and historical.
– Interfaces and interactions between scientific understanding(s) of the atmosphere and other ways of knowing or experiencing the atmosphere (e.g. political, indigenous, religious, philosophical, aesthetic).
– Explorations of space and scale in relation to human understanding of the atmosphere and related concepts such as weather and climate.
– The material culture of the atmosphere, including technologies used to measure, assess, represent and manipulate the atmosphere.

The workshop is organized by the International Commission of Science and Literature and the International Commission on History of Meteorology. The Commissions will provide a limited travel support to early career scholars, who should send their application letter, presentation abstract and CV to Dr Alexander Hall at and George N. Vlahakis at


Organizing committee: Vladimir Jankovic (University of Manchester), George N. Vlahakis (Hellenic Open University), Madalina Diaconu (University of Vienna), Alexander Hall (University of Birmingham), James R. Fleming (Colby College), John Holmes (University of Birmingham), and Kostas Tampakis (National Hellenic Research Foundation).

Please send your abstract before 20 FEBRUARY 2020 to Vladimir Jankovic at and George Vlahakis at


The workshop is supported by DHST/IUHPST, National Hellenic Research Foundation and the Hellenic Open University.

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Dr Vladimir Jankovic

Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

University of Manchester

Manchester M13 9PL