Call for Proposals | 2020 SFU Communication Graduate Student Conference

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Call for Papers
February 28, 2020
British Columbia, Canada
Subject Fields: 
Communication, Cultural History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Graduate Studies, Popular Culture Studies
Happy 2020!
We are happy to announce the 2020 Annual Communication Graduate Student Conference: All You Need Is… Research and Possibility Beyond Communication Studies at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC on May 14, 2020.
Located at the intersection of a number of academic fields and engaging with concepts and phenomena that affect our perception of the world and our daily lives, communication studies is well-positioned to generate invigorating debate, out-of-the-box research, and anti-status-quo critique. In a context in which digital technology casts a shadow on democracy, transnational capital’s power grows exponentially, and the voices of citizen-activists become fainter as algorithms gain agency, how might we conceive of creative and critical research as an agent of possibility? Taking stock of contemporary social, political, economic, and environmental conditions, it is easy to get the impression that we are riding a collective train that is gathering speed en route to a dead end. What alternative possibilities can communication scholars produce, highlight, and call for through research?
Drawing on the interdisciplinary potential of communication studies, the 2020 SFU School of Communication Graduate Caucus Conference aims to generate conversation by highlighting the ways in which graduate-level research can address, challenge, and rethink the issues and stakes of our times. Twenty years into the new millennium, we ask graduate students in communication studies and associated disciplines: How might we conceive of research as a motor of possibility, or, vice-versa, of possibility as a motor of research? Through this conference, we hope to create a space conducive to cross-disciplinary dialogue, engaged critique, creative proposals, and provocative re-imaginings from graduate students across Canada.
The organizing team encourages graduate students across the world to participate in this annual event. We are now accepting proposals for papers (presentations), panels, workshops and roundtables that examine the following keywords (but not limited to):
- Communication studies
- Research
- Possibility
- Creativity
- Critique
- Imagination
- Alternatives
- Creative methodologies
- Interdisciplinarity
- Pedagogy and communication
Please submit a 250-word abstract, exclusive of references, for 15-minute paper presentations, presentation of in-progress research and projects (MA/PhD), and participatory presentation formats to no later than February 28, 2020 (PST 11:59 PM). 
Key Dates:
28 February 2020: Deadline for abstract submission (PST 11:59 PM)
27 March 2020: Corresponding authors notified of decisions
14 April 2020: Deadline for presenters to confirm participation in Conference
7 May 2020: Conference registrations close (RSVP recommended)
14 May 2020: Conference starts in Vancouver, BC
General Inquiries:
Please contact the organizing team:
- Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte (
- Hyejin Jo (
We look forward to receiving your submissions!
Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte and Hyejin Jo
Conference co-organizers
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General Inquiries:
- Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte (
- Hyejin Jo (
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