Russia and Karl Marx Trilogy

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March 26, 2020
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Dear Colleagues:


This is Angelo Segrillo, Associate Professor of History at the University of São Paulo. I would like to present information that may interest you or your students. My three most important books about Russia were just translated into English and their full text is available at no cost on the internet. They may be of interest to researchers of Russian history since they are based on in loco archival and primary source research. Below is the invitation to the book launch, including the links to the full texts of the three books.


All best, A.S. 




In the Nicolau Sevcenko Auditorium of the University of São Paulo History Department, on Thursday, March 26 at 6:30PM, Professor Angelo Segrillo will give a talk to launch his Russia and Karl Marx trilogy, which represents the translation into English of his three most important books: 1) The Decline of the Soviet Union: An Analysis of the Causes (the first Brazilian academic thesis about the fall of the USSR using research in the former Soviet classified archives); 2) Russia: Europe or Asia? (considered by Russian political scientist Yurii Korgunyuk, “the most detailed Western description of the formation of the schools of Westernism, Slavophism and Eurasianism as a whole”); 3) Karl Marx's Capital (Vols. 1,2,3) Abridged (new, the first English-language abridgement of all three volumes of Capital in one volume). The print version of each book will be made available on the day of the event, but their full texts are already available for free on the internet at the following links:

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