extended CFP for the "Transfusions of Joyce"-Panel at the forthcoming April Conference in Cracow

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Call for Papers
February 15, 2020
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Film and Film History, Languages, Literature

15th April Conference Kraków, 23-25 April 2020


If the old dictum that “a picture says more than a thousand words” should be true, why is it
that visual adaptations of literature are usually frowned upon as trivializations or as intrusions
into the sacred realm of high art? This dismissive perspective has, of course, never stopped
film makers, cartoonists, comic artists, or youtube clippers from their creative engagement
with literary texts, be they popular or canonical, and James Joyce’s works are no exception to
this rule. As of now, there are several movies, a seemingly endless series of sketches and
cartoons, some of which grace the covers of the James Joyce Quarterly, and even some
comics which each in their own style and method work on the stories and novels and seek to
negotiate an intermedial transfer or re-visitation.

Our section, the fourth Joyce panel at a Krakow April Conference, will address such
adaptations and explore the transformative potential of intermedial encounters with Joyce’s
work. Papers may discuss single images or extensive adaptations for the screen or the graphic
novel; they may compare different approaches or perform a close reading of visual
experiments with individual chapters, episodes, passages or even sentences; they may suggest
imaginative possibilities which could be realized in the near or distant future or they can turn
back to projects that were dismissed in the past.

While the focus of the section will be on visualisations of Joyce, we are also interested in
other transformative representations, re-imaginings, and recreations, including soundscapes,
digital renderings, apocrypha, or alternative stories arising from Joyce’s oeuvre.

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Please send an abstract of approximately 200 words with a short biographical note to
Katarzyna Bazarnik (k.bazarnik@uj.edu.pl) and/or Dirk Vanderbeke (vanderbeke@t-
online.de). The deadline for paper proposals is February 15, 2020. Paper proposals will be
reviewed anonymously, and the authors will be notified about their acceptance via email shortly thereafter.

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