OAH Panel on Americans' "Class Consciousness" in the 1920s and 1930s

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New York, United States
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Labor History / Studies, Urban History / Studies, Social History / Studies, African American History / Studies

I'd like to put together a panel that examines some neglected ways in which disenfranchised groups around the time of the Great Depression pressed for an expansion of democracy and the creation of socialism or social democracy. A panel that, perhaps, challenges the conventional idea that most Americans were/are lacking in "class consciousness" or a sort of socialist "radicalism." One under-studied example would be the (very socialist) Workers' Unemployment Insurance Bill of the mid-1930s that got massive support from Americans of nearly all walks of life. 

The proposed topic is, admittedly, somewhat broad; perhaps it could be narrowed down. But anyway, if you're interested in participating in the panel, please email me. The deadline to submit panel proposals to the OAH is February 2nd.

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Chris Wright

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Hunter College

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