"MEDICI BASTARDI": a public lectures series

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January 22, 2020 to April 22, 2020
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Early Modern History and Period Studies, Italian History / Studies

Starting on Wednesday, January 22, the Medici Archive Project will host a public lectures series entitled "MEDICI BASTARDI", whose aim is to shed light on the untold stories of the Medici's illegitimate offspring.

All lectures will take place at Palazzo Alberti, Via de' Benci 10, at 17.30.

All lectures will be open to the public, with limited seating.

This is the program:
"Giulio de' Medici" by Marcello Simonetta - Jan. 22
"Alessandro de' Medici" by Alessandro Lo Bartolo - Feb. 5
"Giulio di Alessandro de' Medici" by Daniela Stiaffini - Feb.19
"Bia di Cosimo de' Medici" by Maria Pia Paoli - March 4
"Don Giovanni de' Medici" by Brendan Dooley - March 18
"Don Antonio de' Medici" by Filippo Luti - April 22

For further information: education@medici.org

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