Zone Moda Journal Special Issue - Global Fashion, Vol. 9, Issue 2, 2019

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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Linguistics, Anthropology

Global Fashion, Vol. 9 Issue 2, 2019

Guest Editors: Wessie Ling, Mariella Lorusso, Simona Segre Reinach


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Dear Colleagues,


We are delighted to introduce you our newly published special issue of Zone Moda Journal, ‘Global Fashion’. 


The issue is the result of multiple branches of sociocultural diversion. By situating global fashion in the spectrum of global histories, our authors have unveiled its fluidity both as a subject of inquiry and as a substance in the sartorial system. Through rigorous interrogation into a variety of geographic zones, cultural establishments, linguistic sites, and social-media exchanges, the issue maps the inquiry into global fashion, showing how the study of material culture and methodologies can be leveraged for the study of fashion in the 21st century. Transculturality propagated by intra-regional and territorial interactions is the common theme across the studies in this issue. The process to which has been underscored by unresolved conflicts, ambivalence and contradictions through the politicization of time and space along global histories. Taken as a whole as well as through the findings reported in individual articles, our issue proposes a new wave of global fashion studies that encapsulates glocal, historical, linguistic, sociocultural, anthropological, and postcolonial and de-colonizing discourses in the increasingly multifaceted agendas of fashion studies.


Zone Moda Journal






Daniela Calanca, Simona Segre Reinach


Critical Studies in Global Fashion

Wessie Ling, Mariella Lorusso, Simona Segre Reinach




”Not African Enough?” Global Dynamics and Local Contestations over Dress Practice and Fashion Design in Zambia

Karen Tranberg Hansen


Fashion Matters: The ‘Glocal’ Mix of Dutch Fashion

Anneke Smelik


Entering the Contact Zone: Reflections on a Conceptual Framework Used to Study Brazilian Fashion

Elizabeth Kutesko


Bilum, Bilas, Bilumwear: PNG Women Loop Stylish Dresses to Create New Identities

Elisabetta Gnecchi-Ruscone


Global Fashion as a Tool in the Ethnographic Museum

Wessie Ling, Daan van Dartel


The Global ‘Wordrobe’. Ethnic Counter-Conquest in the Language of Fashion

Mariella Lorusso


Chronicling a Global Fetish: A Linguistic Analysis of the Pseudo-Italian Internationalism Stiletto

Cristiano Furiassi


Come mangiare un cannolo con le bacchette: The Contested Field of Luxury Fashion in China, a Case Study of the 2018 Dolce & Gabbana Advertising Incident

Qian Huang, Alice Janssens


Nuovi percorsi della moda tra globale e locale. Dai grandi centri alla disseminazione culturale del fashion system

Valeria Iannilli, Vittorio Linfante





Cultural Heritage Practices & Critical Fashion Theory: How Does (High) Fashion Interpret Cultural Heritage? A workshop at the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies, Columbia University, New York, October 3 2019

Gianluigi Di Giangirolamo


Il tempo della moda. A Dialogue on Fashion and Time

Caroline Evans, Alessandra Vaccari


Clothing Upcycling, Textile Waste and the Ethics of the Global Fashion Industry

Kirsten Koch


La cultura della moda come driver per il turismo

Maria Chiara Pierini


Un’ antologia-archeologia di arte e femminismo nell’Italia degli anni Settanta. “Il Soggetto Imprevisto” in mostra a FM Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea

Giorgia Ravaioli


French Fashion, Women, and the First World War, Bard Graduate Center Gallery, New York, September 5, 2019 – January 5, 2020

Sophie Kurkdjian


Internazionale Corazon. Uno scambio tra la Comunità Latina Americana e il quartiere attorno a via Padova a Milano

Francesca Marconi


Transfashional. Post-Interdisciplinary Lexicon Moves to Rimini. Exhibition and Catalogue by Dobrila Denegri, City Museum of Rimini – Modern Hall, October, 27 2019 – January, 6 2020

Giulia Caffaro


Simona Segre Reinach, Biki. Visioni francesi per una moda italiana, Rizzoli, 2019

Daniela Calanca


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