The Aesthetics of Drone Warfare: Conference Registration

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February 7, 2020 to February 8, 2020
United Kingdom
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Political History / Studies, Humanities, Human Rights, Contemporary History, Art, Art History & Visual Studies

The Aesthetics of Drone Warfare

An International, Interdisciplinary Conference

Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield

7-8 February 2020


Registration is now open for The Aesthetics of Drone Warfare Conference taking place at the University of Sheffield. In addition to the individual papers, highlights include:

Please click here to register. The rates are £20 for student/unwaged attendees, and £40 for regular/waged attendees. The fee includes all lunches and refreshments, as well as a wine reception. There is a separate £20 charge for the three-course conference dinner. All are warmly welcome, and further information can be found on our website:

Sponsored by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award



 9:00-9:30: Early Registration

 9:30-10:30: Drone Wars UK workshop (open to pre-registered participants only)

10:30-11:00: Coffee / Late Registration

11:00-12:00: PLENARY 1: Derek Gregory (University of British Columbia)

12:00-1:30: PANEL 1: Practical Aesthetics, Aesthetic Practices

  • Anna Walker (University of Plymouth), ‘Trauma, Morality, and the Increasing Absence of the Western Soldier in Combat
  • Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox (Independent Researcher), ‘Painting Airborne Militarised Drones: An Act of Imaginational Metaveillance’
  • Joseph DeLappe (Abertay University), ‘Me and My Predator(s): Remembrance and Play’

1:30-2:30: Lunch and Artists’ Showcase, Jessop West Foyer


PANEL 2A: The Drone Eats With Me

  • Sophia Brown (Birkbeck, University of London), ‘“A squadron of drones heading towards me”: Narrating Life under Fire in Gaza for an Anglophone Readership’
  • Lindsey Moore (Lancaster University), ‘Drones and Clones in the Palestinian Zones: New Speculative Fiction and Film’
  • Aroosa Kanwal (Lancaster University / International Islamic University), ‘Dreaming with Drones: Palestine Under the Shadow of Unseen War’

PANEL 2B: Media, Lawfare, and Ethics

  • Joanna Frew (Drone Wars UK): ‘Communicating a killing machine: Visual Coverage of Reaper Strikes in the tabloid press’
  • Peter Burt (Drone Wars UK), ‘Moving from the video screen into real life: Ethical issues relating to the use of autonomous armed drones’
  • Diego Mauri (University of Florence), ‘Humanizing a De-Humanized Warfare: a Human Rights-Oriented Approach’

4:00-4:30: Coffee


PANEL 3A: Domestic Play and Dronalism

  • Amy Gaeta (University of Wisconsin-Madison), ‘Boys & Their Toys: The Affective & Aesthetic Range of Drone-Operator Relations’
  • Gaia Casagrande, Amine Khaddar, Stefania Parisi (Sapienza University / King’s College London), ‘Drone Journalism and Community Voices’
  • Ana Peraica (Danube University Krems / Central European University): ‘Toy War and Authorities’

 PANEL 3B:  Drone Scale: Pixels, Pills, and Blobs

  • Scott Sorli (Ryerson University), ‘Distance. Pixelization’
  • Sophia Goodfriend (Duke University), ‘Drone Warfare Beyond Necropolitics: PillCam and Israel’s Biopolitical Promise'
  • Claudette Lauzon (Simon Fraser University), ‘The Blob! and other Stranger Things of Drone Warfare’

6:00-7:00: Wine Reception and Artists’ Showcase, Jessop West Foyer

7:30: Conference Dinner



 9:00-10:30: PANEL 4: Drone Operator Narratives

  • Matthew Voice (University of Liverpool), ‘The Cognitive Poetics of Drone Warfare’
  • Daniel O’Gorman (Oxford Brookes University), ‘“None of the Guilty Will be Spared”: Atmospheric Terror in George Brant’s Grounded
  • Alex Adams (Independent Researcher), ‘The Ticking Bomb Drone Strike: Drone Warfare and Emergency Ethics in Eye in the Sky

10:30-11:00: Coffee

11:00-12:00: PLENARY 2: Antoine Bousquet (Birkbeck, University of London)

12:00-1:30: PANEL 5: The Colonial Politics of the Scopic Regime

  • Karen Alderfer (Duke University), ‘Colonial Visuality and the Development of the Drone’
  • Saira Dogar (Government College University, Lahore), ‘The Act of Seeing: Drone Vision in Uzma Aslam Khan’s Thinner than Skin
  • Madonna Kalousian (Lancaster University), ‘Posthuman and Posthumous Photo-Politics: Do Drones Dream of Electric Bugs?’

1:30-2:30: Lunch and Artists’ Showcase, Jessop West Foyer

2:30-4:00: PANEL 6: Drone Aesthetics in Contemporary Art

  • Jenna Ann Altomonte (Mississippi State University), ‘Fallible Drones’
  • Sophie Maxwell (University of Sheffield), ‘Watching Drone Warfare in Contemporary Art’
  • Michael Richardson (University of New South Wales), ‘Drone Warfare and the Aesthetics of Nonhuman Witnessing’
  • Mark Reinhardt (Williams College), ‘Killing Aesthetics? Theoria, Automated War, and the Paradox of Drone Visuality’

4:00-4:30: Coffee

4:30-6:00: PANEL 7: Genre and the Gender Politics of Drone Warfare

  • Natalia Cecire (University of Sussex): ‘“Those Various Scalpels”: Female Precision and Drone Aesthetics’
  • Molly Geidel (University of Manchester): ‘Educated Girls in the Global War on Terrorism’
  • J. D. Schnepf (Princeton University): ‘Gothic Drones and the Production of Gendered Privacy’