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Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that the 2019 issue of the Metropolitan Museum Journal is now available at MetPublications, in JStor, in The Met Store and from the University of Chicago Press.


Metropolitan Museum Journal, volume 54 (2019)



Stone Sculpture and Ritual Impersonation in Classic Veracruz

Caitlin Earley


Qian Xuan’s Loyalist Revision of Iconic Imagery in Tao Yuanming Returning Home and Wang Xizhi Watching Geese

Shi-Yee Liu



Workshop Practice Revealed by Two Architectural Reliefs by Andrea Della Robbia

Wendy Walker and Carolyn Riccardelli


All the City’s Courtesans: A Now- Lost Safavid Pavilion and Its Figural Tile Panels

Farshid Emami


Epigraphic and Art Historical Responses to Presenting the Tripod, by Wang Xuehao (1803)

Michael J. Hatch


John Singer Sargent Painting Fashion

Anna Reynolds



Research Notes

New Research on a Rare Enameled Horse Bit from the Angevin Court at Naples

Marina Viallon


Passignano, Not Leoni: A New Attribution for A Cardinal’s Procession

Ian Kennedy


Margareta Haverman, A Vase of Flowers: An Innovative Artist Reexamined

Gerrit Albertson, Silvia A. Centeno, and Adam Eaker


The Cornish Celebration Presentation Plaque by Augustus Saint- Gaudens: Newly Identified Sources

Thayer Tolles




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