Successes and Setbacks of Social Media: Impact on Academic Life

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Call for Papers
January 27, 2020
New York, United States
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Communication, Digital Humanities, Educational Technology, Social Sciences, Teaching and Learning


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Successes and Setbacks of Social Media: Impact on Academic Life



Posting comments, sharing content and going live -- these are simple tasks that can lead to major implications for social media users, especially college students. Successes and Setbacks of Social Media: Impact on Academic Life explores how social sites influence the lives of students as they forge a path to earn degrees and ascend the career ladder.


This call for papers invites a diverse group of graduate students and professionals (across all fields) to write first-hand narratives reflecting on social media’s influence on academic achievement, relationships, self-worth and the presentation of themselves to their virtual networks while enrolled in higher education programs.  


Contributors must select one of the following eight topics to write an essay on in relation to social media: 


  • Academic Success
    • online study groups
    • supportive networks
    • effective resources
  • Academic Struggles
    • poor academic performance
    • reduced student engagement
    • usage in the classroom
  • Authenticity
    • methods used to present the authentic self
    • benefits of the authentic self
  • Facades
    • methods used to create facades
    • sharing misinformation
    • altering content (photos, videos, etc.)
    • drawbacks of facades  
  • Positive Relationships
    • platonic relationships
    • romantic connections   
  •  Complicated Relationships
    • damaged friendships
    • mixed signals
    • failed romance
  • Positive Feelings of Self
    • demonstrating confidence
    • increased self-worth
    • positive body image
  • Negative Feelings of Self
    • drawing comparisons
    • lowered confidence
    • decreased self-worth
    • negative body image

All contributors must hold a minimum of a master’s degree. For consideration, please email a 250-word abstract and title to the editor at no later than January 27, 2020. All selected contributors must submit the final work (1,550 to 2,000 words) no later than April 1, 2020.


Contact Info: 

Cheyenne Seymour, Ed.D. 

Bronx Community College