Call for papers : Identities: Understanding of Oneself, Others and the World

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Call for Papers
March 18, 2020 to March 20, 2020
Quebec, Canada
Subject Fields: 
Political Science, Economic History / Studies

Identities and discourses of alterity are, at all times and in all societies, an integral part of social, political, economic, cultural and territorial interactions. Our views of ourselves and others tend to be influenced by multiple factors, including discourses on individuals, groups and their environment, as well as various performances and materialities. The historiography of identities and alterities is now divided into several subfields. Concepts of plurality and the multitude are hence at the core of our understandings of self, others and the environment. 

In view of this, the organizing committee is pleased to offer a platform for exchanges and reflections on the use and conceptualization of identities and alterities as well as their relations with the environment in which they exist and evolve. In what ways do they vary in time and space? How are they shaped? How are they institutionalized? How do alterities act as factors in identity construction? How do they confront and/or comfort each other? In what ways are they influenced by internal or external ideologies? By what means are they disseminated and shared? By what mechanisms are they made invisible? How do identity groups represent themselves, others and their backgrounds? Who is marginalized by these identities and what is their agency? What mechanisms explain these rejections and what are their consequences? Finally, in the context of scholarship, how do these concepts influence the work of researchers? 

The committee seeks proposals for presentations of 15 to 20 minutes addressing, but not limited to, the following themes: 

• Movements related to identities and otherness or representations of others (concepts of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, language, religion, etc.) 

• Representations related to the understanding of self, others or the comprehension of the world on a social, cultural, political, economic and geographical level. 

• Issues related more broadly to identities (national, religious, gendered, sexual, linguistic, territorial, etc.) 

Graduate students from any field of study whose work focuses on these themes are invited to participate in the XXVII International Interdisciplinary Colloquium of Graduate Students’ Association of the Department of History of the University of Montreal. Participation in this colloquium is an excellent opportunity to present your research, interact with fellow students and professors, and eventually publish your findings. 



Contact Info: 

Please submit your proposal in either English or French (250 words maximum) before January 13, 2020, at 6 p.m., to with a copy to Applicants must also provide their first and last name, institutional affiliation and an estimate of travel costs if financial assistance is required.