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Call for Papers
April 6, 2020 to November 2, 2021
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World History / Studies, Southeast Asian History / Studies, Classical Studies, History Education, Digital Humanities

World History Connected is seeking papers for its next three issues 17.2 ( June 2020), 17. 3  (October, 2020) and 18.1, (February 2021), for special sections that will address new research on, and fresh approaches to, the teaching of 1) the place of the Classical World in World History, from the militarization of Roman elephants to the concept of the Axial Age (deadline for submissions is April  6, 2020); (2) themes in Southeast Asia in World History from Lidar to maritime subjects (deadline for submissions is August 3, 2020) and 3) Games and Simulations in World History, from the use of historical content, to the process of construction and marketing, to use in the classroom (deadline for submissions is November 2, 2020).


For those unfamiliar with this 17-year old peer-reviewed, free e-journal published by the University of Illinois Press, its articles reach an audience of 1.85 million readers measured on the basis of their reading at least two articles annually, with each issue featuring a topical section (as above) that have in the past been guest-edited by Presidents of the American Historical and World History Association, most recently Patrick Manning and Laura Mitchell respectively.  It also publishes articles in each issue unrelated to the special section that are aimed at furthering research and the scholarship of teaching in this interdisciplinary field.


Submissions of articles, expressions of interest in book reviews, or Guest editing for projected future issues (including the Indian Ocean littoral) or any topic of interest to world historians, are welcome at any time. Book review correspondence should be directed to the Book Review Editor, Christine Skwiot at Christine.skwiot@mma.edu.  Article submissions and general correspondence should be directed to the Editor, Marc Jason Gilbert, at mgilbert@hpu.edu with the subject line beginning “WHC submission” and your last name. Submitted manuscripts should be prepared according to the Submissions and Style Sheets on the tabs at the left-hand margin of the journal’s homepage (Word or Word.docx, double-spaced, with endnotes) at https://worldhistoryconnected.press.uillinois.edu/index.html.

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