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African American History / Studies, Human Rights, Law and Legal History, Race / Ethnic Studies, Research and Methodology

This solicitation is for a chapter in an edited volume (Routledge) on the topic of Ethics, Errors, & Ethnocentrism in Social Science Research. Broadly, the book focuses on the ethical and methodological issues that researchers face while conducting social research especially on the topics of crime and victimization. We are specifically looking for a chapter on the methodological and ethical sensitivities and challenges while conducting research on violence, crime and victimization. For example, racialized reporting is especially common while covering topics of mass shootings and police shootings in the United States. Similarly, collecting data from prisoners and child victims pose numerous challenges. These are just a couple of examples to give you an idea about the possible topics; feel free to contact the editor for more information.

We have secured contract with Routledge and have received vast majority of submissions; thus, at this point only accept near-completion proposals. If you are interested, contact Dr. Divya Sharma at

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