Durham Early Modern Conference Call for Papers 2020 - Extended Deadline

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Call for Papers
January 24, 2020
United Kingdom
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British History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Music and Music History

The deadline for all proposals for the Durham Early Modern Conference (8-10 July 2020) is Friday 24 Jan 2020

For proposals to be considered they must be complete: all fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in; all abstracts should be kept as close to 100 words as possible.

Panel Proposals should comprise at least three papers. The usual panel structure is three papers, each lasting 20 minutes, with thirty minutes dedicated to discussion (90 minutes in total). Panels may also consist of four papers, each lasting 15 minutes, with the whole session being delivered within the 90-minute slot.

Panel proposals may include the name of a panel chair or may instead leave this choice to the discretion of the conference organisers. Panels selected for the conference without an identified chair will be supplied with a chair from the pool of available conference attendees. The organisers ask that attendees, where possible, please indicate in the form below their willingness to serve as a chair, if need be, for a panel on a topic related to their research.

Strand Proposals: The conference organisers strongly encourage the submission of proposals for strands which will run through the conference. These should generally comprise at least two and no more than five related panels. Please use a new panel proposal form for each panel within the strand, clearly indicating at the start of the form the strand title that the panel sits within.

Single Paper submissions are welcome and we will do our best to construct panels from these. We are particularly encouraging submissions under the following themes, where we already have some interest:

  • Warfare and Diplomacy;
  • Eastern Europe;
  • Episcopal Residences;
  • Ethnography;
  • News Networks;
  • Capitalism;
  • Performance;
  • Music;
  • History of Medicine and Scientific Thought.
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Contact Info: 

We welcome proposals for panels and strands from scholars interested in any aspect of the early modern period (c.1450 to c.1800).

The conference committee encourages panels which include papers from participants at a range of career stages.

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