Sisters in History, Story Sharing: Advancing social change for women in Louisville KY - Oct 28, 1-3 pm

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October 28, 2017
Kentucky, United States
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Women's & Gender History / Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Human Rights

Please join the Sisters in History
Judi Jennings, Marsha Weinstein, and Dr. Renee Campbell,
With Katy Delahanty and Julie Leidner
For special readings of their personal stories of resistance, feminism, and social change

Please join Sisters in History at the Louisville Free Public Library Centennial Room, 301 York Street on Saturday, October 28th from 1:00 - 3:00 pm as we share our stories about advancing social change for women here. This program is free and open to the public. Several members of our group will be presenting excerpts from our personal stories of resistance and change over more than four decades.

We created the name Sisters is History because we are a volunteer collective based on our shared stories. We come together across race, economic class, religious differences, geographic origins and political affiliation. The Sisters include Elmer Lucille Allen, Dr. Renee Campbell, Karen Cassidy, Sister Rose Colley, Kate Cunningham, Dolores Delahanty, Cheri Bryant Hamilton, Judi Jennings, Eleanor Jordan, Cissy Musselman, Suzy Post, Sister Ceciliana Skees, and Marsha Weinstein. Janet Jernigan helped facilitate our meetings and two retreats.

We believe our collective achievements and challenges can inform and inspire future generations. For two years, we have discussed how to pass on our legacy to the young women and men of today. We are writing our personal stories to document our work to improve the lives of women in Louisville. We are considering how best to preserve our papers and archival materials as sources of inspiration for future researchers.

We also narrated our stories and provided visual documentation for a graphic novel being created by Louisville visual artists Katherine Delahanty and Julie Leidner.  The graphic novel is designed to appeal to young readers. A preview of this innovative visual art project will be on display in the foyer of the Centennial room during the event.

Our stories reflect the values that bring us together. True to our feminist values, we share leadership in our group with no one person making all the decisions.  Everyone has a voice and participates at her own level of availability and comfort.

We operate our meetings and interactions based on mutual respect where each of us takes responsibility for her own participation and practices love and forgiveness to each other. For these reasons, we have all experienced unexpected levels of support and joy from being part of this collective and deepening our relationships and understandings with each other. This is another reason we chose the name Sisters in History.

We believe our volunteer collective can be a model for other women who work together for change. Our collective is rooted in long standing feminist principles of mutual action through mutual respect and participation of all. We honor all who share our values of equality and respect and invite you to join us on October 28th to hear our stories.

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Judi Jennings via email or call 502-819-2537