International Winter School - Global CoffeeScapes Understanding the Coffee Commodity Chain: Land, Labour, and Environment

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February 3, 2020 to February 7, 2020
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African History / Studies, Anthropology, Environmental History / Studies, European History / Studies, Labor History / Studies

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Global CoffeeScapes

Understanding the Coffee Commodity Chain: Land, Labour, and Environment


From 3 to 7 February 2020

Aula Volta – Palazzo Centrale

University of Pavia



Why Coffee?

With an estimated market value of 83 billion USD and 2.25 billion cups of consumed every day, coffee is one of the most important agricultural commodities, employing about 125 million people worldwide. Its production and consumption is deeply rooted in the culture of many countries, and its origins get lost in a legendary world of exotic landscapes, rituals, monks, queens and sailors. Nevertheless, coffee was able to keep changing within an ever-changing society, representing the perfect plot device to discuss about history, business, rituals, international cooperation, certifications, sensitive geopolitical challenges, migrations and climate change.


About Global CoffeeScapes

The concept of Global CoffeeScapes is the result of extensive discussions among international cooperation experts and academic scholars about the need of further integration between the approaches of international cooperation initiatives and the private sector. More specifically, the idea of establishing a platform to facilitate better integration of different approaches arose while discussing the coffee sector in Ethiopia, where the implementation of Private and Public Partnership projects is delivering promising results.

GlobalCoffeeScapes’ programme will unfold over a 5-day agenda comprising of keynote speeches, workshops and seminars where international scholars, private partictionairs and international cooperation experts will discuss different coffee-related topics, ranging from social issues and value-added activities, to business opportunities and international cooperation challenges. Thus, different perspectives and complementary methodological approaches will be discussed throughout the week.

The School, whose official language is English, offers a unique opportunity for participants to convene, meet, and network with leading international experts in the field of coffee commodity chain, openly debating crucial and controversial issues, critically examining deep-rooted imagination, and making informed opinions about past and recent developments, and current and future challenges.


About Global _Scapes

The purpose of this interdisciplinary and intersectoral Winter School is to reflect each year on a different commodity chain as an opportunity to discuss social, power, labour, geopolitical, business and cooperation relations that the supply chain creates, with an inclusive approach to ease the dialogue among the academy, international agencies and the private sector. The School offers a long-term, interdisciplinary and multifaceted approach, dealing with a wide range of topics, events, and places from ancient times to the present day, and shedding light –from bottom up and top down perspectives- on the variety of public and private actors involved in the presented commodity chain, underlining their roles, attitudes, behaviours, vulnerabilities and opportunities.


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