5 December Event The Digital Library of the Middle East - The Strength and Promise of a Shared Idea

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December 5, 2019
United Kingdom
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Archival Science, Digital Humanities, Islamic History / Studies, Library and Information Science, Middle East History / Studies

Time and Venue
Thursday 5  December 2019, 16:00-18:00
Room 220
Aga Khan Centre,
10 Handyside Street,
London N1C 4DN

Dr. Charles Henry of the Council on Library and Information Research and Peter Herdrich of the Antiquities Coalition are building the Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME), uniting libraries, archives, and museums in an international effort to make the cultural heritage of the Middle East and North Africa more accessible, while fighting to safeguard culture at risk. They discuss lessons learned and the vast potential of the Digital Library of the Middle East as it expands its global reach and influence. The Aga Khan Library is pleased to host their return for a discussion with the library and the university community of the strength and promise of the DLME. 

The lecture will be moderated by Dr Walid Ghali, the Head of the Aga Khan Library who will share more information about the recent digitisation project in the library. On November 7th, the Digital Collections Portal of the Aga Khan Library was launched with its first collection focusing on Ottoman material. 

Charles Henry is the President of the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR). Previously, Charles was the Provost and University Librarian at Rice University. He served as publisher of Rice University Press, the nation's first all-digital university press; chaired the advisory committee for the Information Resource Center at the International University of Bremen; and was a member of the ACLS Commission on Cyberinfrastructure in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Charles has written dozens of publications and has received numerous grants and awards, including Fulbright senior scholar grants for library sciences in New Zealand and China. Charles has a PhD in comparative literature from Columbia University. 

Peter Herdrich serves as the Project Director on the Council on Library and Information Resources’ Digital Library of the Middle East, where the mission is to create access to cultural heritage records from collections across the region and to preserve and secure heritage materials through inventory, documentation, and digitisation projects with regional partners. Herdrich is also the Co-founder of The Antiquities Coalition, a leading international NGO seeking to stop the looting and illicit trade in cultural heritage property. Herdrich served at the Archaeological Institute of America as a Board member, Chief Executive Officer, and Publisher of Archaeology magazine. Herdrich enjoyed long success in commercial television as a news producer and was once called, “America’s leading filmmaker on obscure bibliographical subjects.” He is a graduate of Columbia University. 

Walid Ghali is the Head of the Aga Khan Library, London and Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at the Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, AKU-ISMC
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