CFP: ICL Journal Symposium on 100 years to the Austrian Constitutional Court – Constitutional Courts in Retrospective - Deadline 1 January 2020

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Call for Papers
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Call for Papers:

ICL Journal Symposium on 100 years to the Austrian Constitutional Court – Constitutional Courts in Retrospective

The Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law invites submissions for a special symposium issue on 100 years to the Austrian Constitutional Court – Constitutional Courts in Retrospective

Guest Editor: Yaniv Roznai

Subject-Matter of Symposium

On October 1, 1920, when the Federal Constitution of Austria’s First Republic was enacted, the Austrian Constitutional Court in the form still known today was established. Based upon the model of Hans Kelsen, the Constitutional Court was designed as a special tribunal responsible for examining the constitutionality of legislation, in contrast to the US decentralized model of judicial review governed by a single Supreme Court. Following the Austrian approach, other countries have adopted the Kelsenian model of constitutional review. Today, this model has developed and has become the dominant model for judicial review. Marking 100 years to the establishment of the Austrian Constitutional Court, The Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law will publish a special symposium issue on “Constitutional Courts in Retrospective”.

Papers are welcomed on any subject of concerning constitutional courts in general and the Austrian Constitutional Court in particular, from comparative, doctrinal, historical, empirical, philosophical, sociological and theoretical perspectives. A non-exhaustive list of possible subjects includes:

• The migration of the Austrian model of constitutional review

• Composition of constitutional courts

• The resilience of constitutional court under pressure

• Constitutional courts and the political question doctrine

• Standing before constitutional courts and access to courts

• Abstract vs. concrete judicial review

• Judicial appointments to constitutional courts

• Constitutional courts and court-packing

• Constitutional courts as arbitrators between the Federal government and States

• Constitutional courts and the protection of democracy

• Constitutional courts and minority rights

• Constitutional Courts and international tribunals

• Centralized v. decentralized courts

• No sword or purse? Constitutional courts and fiscal questions

• Constitutional reasoning

• Decision-making rules in constitutional courts

• Constitutional remedies

• Relationship between constitutional courts and other courts

• Retirement age of constitutional court justices

• Judicial activism vs. judicial restraint



Submissions are invited from scholars of all ranks, including doctoral students.

Submission Instructions

Interested scholars should email an abstract of no more than 750 words along with curriculum vitae by January 1, 2020 to the following address:

Abstracts should reflect original papers that have not been published, nor submitted elsewhere for consideration for publication. Scholars should identify their submission with the following subject line: “Constitutional Courts in Retrospective.”

Notification and Participation Requirements

Successful applicants will be selected by the board of editors and notified no later than January 15, 2020. Successful applicants would be required to submit an original, unpublished paper between 8,000 words and 12,000 words consistent with submission guidelines by July 1, 2020. All articles will then go through blind peer-review. Articles accepted for publication in the special Symposium will be published in Volume 14, issue 4. Expected publication date: December 2020.

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Please direct inquiries in connection with this Symposium to Dr. Yaniv Roznai by email at

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