Esotericism & Occultism Area of Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Final Call

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Call for Papers
November 25, 2019
New Mexico, United States
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Humanities, Religious Studies and Theology, Film and Film History, Literature, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Due to a final conference deadline extension, the Esotericism & Occultism Area of the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association is still accepting paper proposals for the 2020 conference on February 19-22 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  For full CFP and conference details, please contact the Area Chair, Dr. George Sieg, at

While the Area is still accepting all papers relating to esotericism, magic, and occultism in popular culture (contemporary, American, or otherwise), the following seven panels below still have room for one more paper.  IF YOU WISH TO BE CONSIDERED FOR ANY OF THESE PANELS, PLEASE CONTACT GEORGEJSIEG@GMAIL.COM IMMEDIATELY, even if you will still need some time to polish your abstract.  While there is likely to remain room to accomodate all suitable proposals, including other proposals on these topics that are not selected for these particular panels, in order to ensure your inclusion in the following related panels, please now contact the Area Chair directly without delay if you are interested in proposing to them.

These panels have not yet been formally titled, but following below is the general category and sample content of papers in each:

Esotericism, Occultism, and Women's Magic: Shamanism, Sorcery, Seidhr, trauma, female empowerment, Brujeria

Esotericism & Occultism and Religion: Buddhism, Magic Squares, Spiritualism, Christian Science, Pentacostal reception & reactions

Esotericism & Occultism in Literature: Mesmerism, Sympathetic Magic, and Tarot, Gothic and Victorian

Esotericism and the Mythic Gnosis of C. G. Jung: Archetyes, Mythology, Art, Ecology, Superheroes and the Transhuman

Esotericism, Mysticism, and the Occult: Nihilism, Anarchy, Sufism, Noise Music

Esoteric & Occult Film: Puppetmaster series, Hereditary, Midsommar

Esotericism, Magic, and Occultism on Television: Twin Peaks, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Stranger Things, The Man in the High Castle, Westworld, Strange Angel

Once again, if you are interested in proposing a presentation suitable for any of these panels, each has one place left, so contact immediately, or text (505) 440-2105 in order to receive a return phone call concerning your proposal.





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Dr. George J. Sieg, Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute

(505) 440-2105

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