Revolution as Reformation: Protestant Faith in the Age of Revolutions (1688-1815)

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Call for Publications
November 20, 2017
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Atlantic History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, American History / Studies, European History / Studies
We are calling for chapter proposals for an edited work tentatively titled Revolution as Reformation: Protestant Faith in the Age of Revolutions (1688-1815). We envision the collection as an exploration of the ways in which people in the Protestant Tradition responded to the opportunities and perils presented to them by revolution. Potential contributors need to consider the Protestant tradition as rooted in a perpetual process of recalibration and reformulation, and to explore how social and political change provided a means or a context in which Protestants could continue or accelerate the process of refining their faith to suit their vision of reformed religion. Ideally the volume will share the spirit of recent works by John Fea on Philip Vickers Fithian and S. Scott Rohrer on Jacob Green, hoping to highlight how believers incorporated ideas from and realities created by secular society into their personal faith and how, in turn, their attempts to reform religion shaped secular society.  
We have a number of contributors already, and we are crafting a proposal for the University of Alabama Press which has expressed an interest in the project. With that in mind, we would particularly welcome submissions focusing on Protestantism in Ireland and the Caribbean, and among both Native Americans and African Americans. We are specifically interested in projects that explore individual or personal experiences with faith, or collective expressions of faith as either formal/recognized denominations and congregations, or as informal expressions of collective belief.   Please send a 500 word proposal and c.v. to William Harrison Taylor ( or to Peter C. Messer ( The deadline for submissions is November 20.
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William Harrison Taylor
Associate Professor of History
Alabama State University
Peter C. Messer
Associate Professor of History
Mississippi State University