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Have you ever visited a museum or historic site and asked, "Where are the stories about girls?"

We certainly have.


Girl Museum has spent the past 10 years producing exhibitions about girls stories and advocating for greater representation of girlhood history and culture around the world. Now, we're ready to launch our most ambitious project ever - Sites of Girlhood.

Sites of Girlhood is a large scale global project to put girls on the map. Girls around the world have been participants and, at times, victims of some of the greatest moments in history. Telling their stories is more important than ever, shedding new light on our history can give us a unique and more personal view of our communities.

This collaborative project is an opportunity to both celebrate girls in history as well as establish sites of memory in their honor. Through this project, we promote greater recognition and inclusion of girls in our historic sites and monuments. We also give girls a voice, empowering anyone to submit a site related to girls and girlhood for inclusion in our map, ensuring that as many girls as possible are represented in our project.


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Tiffany Rhoades Isselhardt

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