The 9th Workshop on Current Trends in Cryptology (CTCrypt 2020)

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June 8, 2020 to June 11, 2020
Russian Federation
Subject Fields: 
Public Policy, Communication, Digital Humanities, Government and Public Service, Humanities

The 9th Workshop on Current Trends in Cryptology CTCrypt 2020 will be organized by Academy of Cryptography of the Russian Federation, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS as well as Technical Committee for Standardization «Cryptography and security mechanisms» and sponsored by Foundation for the Promotion of Secure Information  technologies. The event takes place in Russian resort city Sochi in June 8-11, 2020. 


The scope of the Workshop includes, but is not limited to the:

  • Design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, including those which are international standards
  • Efficient implementation of cryptanalytic techniques
  • Security evaluation of Russian cryptographic algorithms and protocols
  • Efficient implementation of Russian cryptographic algorithms and protocols
  • Mathematical aspects of cryptography
  • Cryptographic techniques in IoT
  • Quantum cryptography and computing
  • Postquantum cryptography
  • Cryptographic techniques in blockchain-based systems
  • Cryptographic protection of biometric data
  • Research in other actual and perspective cryptographic areas


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