A CULTURAL HISTORY OF EXPLORATION (6-Volume Series): Call for Chapter Proposals

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Call for Papers
Subject Fields: 
Ancient History, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies, Maritime History / Studies, Modern European History / Studies


Series Editors: Lauren Beck and Fabio López Lázaro

General Call for Chapter Proposals

This 6-volume series, to be published by Bloomsbury Press in 2023, takes a sweeping and global 
approach to exploration history. Each volume corresponds to a significant period of exploration 
history and will contain seven topical chapters that horizontally unify the six volumes.

Vol. 1, Antiquity
Edited by Daniela Dueck, Bar Ilan University, Israel   (Daniela.Dueck [@] biu.ac.il)

Vol. 2, Medieval Age
Edited by Fabio López Lázaro, University of Hawaii, USA    (fll [@] hawaii.edu)

Vol. 3, Early Modern Age
Edited by Lauren Beck, Mount Allison University, Canada    (lbeck [@] mta.ca)

Vol. 4, Age of Expansion and Enlightenment
Edited by Gayle Brunelle, University of California, Fullerton, USA (gbrunelle [@] fullerton.edu)

Vol. 5, Industrial Age
Edited by Jane Samson, University of Alberta, Canada   (jane.samson [@] ualberta.ca)

Vol. 6, Modern Age
Edited by Martin Thomas, Australian National University, Australia (m.thomas [@] anu.edu.au)

The following chapters will appear in each periodised volume:

Chapter 1. 'Technologies of Exploration': from maps, navigational technologies, and 
publications/means of dissemination, to astronomy, vehicles for exploration, and means of 
indicating exploration and discovery.

Chapter 2. 'Motivations and Methodologies for Exploration': from objectives to best practices for 
undertaking exploration, this chapter will focus on how exploration was undertaken and why.

Chapter 3. 'Ideal and Idealised Explorer Typologies': this chapter will examine the type of person 
who undertook exploration and their reception, and ideally will also outline other types of
explorers (for instance ambassadors).

Chapter  4.  'The  Explored  and  their  Explorations':  this  chapter  elevates  the  voices  and
experiences of people whose lands were explored by others, and thus their exploration of the new 

Chapter 5. 'Verbalising Exploration': from oral to textual narratives, this chapter examines how 
exploration was recorded and disseminated in each period.

Chapter 6. 'Visualising Exploration': from maps and globes to illustration and GIS, this chapter 
examines how exploration was recorded in visual form in each period.

Chapter 7. 'Authority, Finances, and Exploration': this chapter explores the authorisation of 
exploration and  the theme  of authority  throughout exploration  activities,  for instance  once 
arrived to new lands.

We encourage interested colleagues—particularly established or early-career post-PhD scholars—to 
send the following information to the appropriate volume editor by December 30 2019:

1. A 300-word proposal detailing how you would approach the chapter relative to the period of the 
volume and in a way that ensures it has some global scope; and

2. A CV.

Authors selected and then invited to contribute to the series will also be invited to a workshop 
held in late 2020 to discuss completed drafts of their chapters. Revised chapters will be due to 
volume editors in late 2021. For general enquiries, please contact the series editors, Lauren Beck
(lbeck@mta.ca) and Fabio López Lázaro (fll@hawaii.edu).