The 5th World Humanities Forum 2018

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October 16, 2017 to January 31, 2018
Korea South
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Contemporary History, Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Literature, Philosophy

The 5th World Humanities Forum 2018

The Human Image in a Changing World

The theme for the 5th World Humanities Forum is “The Human Image in a Changing World.” The very purpose
of humanities research is to study humans, but the image of humans however, has gone through on-going
changes not only throughout different time periods but also according to the various local situations. Therefore it
is important that we primarily capture human images and then document the characteristics of the human images
from past to present in various academic and ordinary lives.

The theme of “The Human Image in a Changing World” seeks to examine the imbrications of human images
across time and space, in order to redefine the ways in which humanities have been envisioned, particularly to
visualize the various ways in which humanities engage with the cultural processes in the past, present, and
future. Literature, visual arts, and new media have always taken the leading and guiding role in representing the
human image as imagined and understood by the public. Historians have frequently been at the forefront of
analyzing the dynamics of differences in human images in the continuum of time. Philosophers have generated
profound yet varying discourses on how human images have been thought differently in terms of a philosophical
relationship with nature, gender, and bodies. The emergence of the robotic industry and artificial intelligence
demands investigation in order to recognize the human image, especially in the 21st century. Above all, it is
crucial to discover human images as they are, and reflect them thoughtfully from various insights.
All humanities research, in its essence, explores human images that have evolved over time. It is the
fundamental premise of our humanities research to understand the changing human images of today. We hope to
explore and share distinctive human images, and hence develop new directions of humanities research for future

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The World Humanities Forum will provide full support for flight and accommodation for the period of the Forum to all authors invited to present at the Forum.

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