Precarious Environment: ‘Slow Violence’ and the Globalization

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January 18, 2020 to January 19, 2020
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Environmental History / Studies, Human Rights, Humanities, Literature, Social Sciences


We live in an age of ‘slow violence’, to use Rob Nixon’s term – the term he uses to highlight the serious impact of globalization on the environment. One only have to look around the working conditions to notice the evil and biased nature of the globalised capitalism. This has led to a severe crisis in the history of mankind – precarious environment and the exacerbated labour conditions across the world. As S Broadbent rightly posits, “Our societies and our economies are struggling to transform in response to the climate crisis with the speed and intent that the rapidly deteriorating environmental situation requires.” The need of the hour is to erase the binaries of the global north and the global south and to forge new ways to overcome the pressing concerns in the field of environment studies. Precarious environment shaped by the globalised capitalism  would lead to new forms of natural disasters and loss of human and non lives. The refusal to take this climate issue seriously would ostensibly lead to a precarious world, therefore, it is high time to pose pertinent questions, offer resistance to globalised capitalism, and suggest new alternatives to strike a balance between mankind and the environment. With this in aim, this two-day, first global conference is being organised. The Conference seeks papers on, but not limited to:

  • Environment and Globalised Capitalism
  • Global North/Global South Environment crisis
  • Precarious World Order and the Environment
  • Rights of the Nature
  • Preacrious Lives and Human Rights
  • Literature of the Environment
  • The New Anthropocene


Important information:

Abstract wordlimit :    250-300 words

Abstract deadline:       20th November, 2019

Abstract acceptance:   25th November, 2019

Last Date of Registration: 03rd Dec. 2019

Registration fee: US $ 280/  (Conference kit and one-time refreshment on both days)



Scholars are invited to be part of this research network and support its initiative for sustainable global climate.

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(Research Newtork on Environmental Humanities, Thailand)