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March 31, 2020
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Communication, Humanities, Political Science, Social Sciences, Sociology

The proud Info of "The Journal of Society and Media" has been published Vol. 3 Issue 2 October 2019.  

This issue (The Journal of Society and Media Volume 3 Issue 2 October 2019) has been available online since October 2019. All articles in this issue (8 original research articles) include Authors from 5 countries of origin (Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, and Libya).

Please enjoy with a cup of coffee to develop scientific sociology and communication science, or social science itself.

1. Undisciplined Reviewed From the Habitus Pierre Bourdieu Theory; Mustofa (

2. Social Conflict In Contestation Of Indonesia Election; Agus Machfud Fauzi, Moh Mudzakir, Mohamed Omar Abdulrahim (

3. Neo-colonial Dependence and Dualistic Development Models: An Exploration of the Development Communication Trajectory in Nigeria; Osakue Stevenson Omoera, Enuwa Evelyn Obekpa (

4. Knowledge Construction In Ecological Sustainability Of The Women; Raudlatul Jannah, Baiq Lily Handayani, Hary Yuswadi, Nurul Hidayat (

5. The Role Of The Merangin Regency Government Through Welfare Policy In The Globalization Era; Pahrudin HM (

6. How Company Manages Stakeholder Engagement For Sustainable Tourism Development In Indonesia?; Gayatri Atmadi (

7. Hyperreality Of Social Media: A Phenomenology Study of Self Confession of Housewives of Facebook Users; Nur Laili Damayanti, Medhy Aginta Hidayat (

8. Pesantren Religious Paradigm: Aqeedah, Plurality, and Jihad; Arifinsyah Arifinsyah, Ryandi Ryandi, Manshuruddin Manshuruddin (


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