CFA: M.C. Lang Fellowship and other opportunties at Rare Book School

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December 2, 2019
United States
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Humanities, Library and Information Science, Teaching and Learning, Historic Preservation, Area Studies


For the first time, Rare Book School invites applications for the M. C. Lang Fellowship in Book History, Bibliography, and Humanities Teaching with Historical Sources. The Lang Fellowship is a new two-year program designed to animate humanities teaching and equip educators to enlarge their students’ historical sensibilities through bibliographically informed instruction with original historical sources. The deadline is 2 December 2019.


The Lang Fellowship is open to employees of liberal arts colleges and small universities (defined as institutions which do not award earned doctorates in any field) in the United States who are:

  • full-time tenured faculty
  • full-time tenure-track faculty who have passed their third-year review, or
  • full-time library/curatorial staff members. 


The goal of the Lang Fellowship program is to re-seed American colleges and small universities with humanities teachers who make maximal use of special collections resources in their undergraduate courses. The fellowship includes tuition waivers for two RBS courses: an introductory course, “Book History, Bibliography, and Humanities Teaching,” required of all participants during their first year, and an elective course from the extensive RBS course offerings. The fellowship also includes an annual $1,500 stipend for travel, housing, and other costs related to the Fellow’s RBS course attendance.


Lang Fellows will also be encouraged to help make book-historical humanities teaching with original primary sources a central aspect of the local educational culture. To this end, fellows will be eligible to apply for matching funds of up to $1,000 per year of the fellowship to help improve their own teaching, create student-learning experiences, build book-historical culture on campus, foster book-related public outreach programs, or organize an event to raise awareness about humanities teaching with original textual artifacts.


For more information about program details, please visit: 


Inquiries about the M. C. Lang Fellowship can be directed to


Finally, please also be aware of upcoming November and December deadlines for our other previously-announced fellowship and scholarship opportunities at Rare Book School:



RBS is committed to supporting diversity and to advancing the scholarship of outstanding persons of every race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, and socio-economic background, and to enhancing the diversity of the professions and academic disciplines it represents. We apologize for cross-posting this announcement broadly in trying to reach a broad range of eligible applicants; we would be grateful to you if you would consider passing this announcement on to anyone you know who might be interested.



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