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Journal of the Jackson Purchase Historical Society

Call for Manuscripts

The editor and the editorial board of the Journal of the Jackson Purchase Historical Society welcomes submissions of manuscripts related to the history of the Jackson Purchase region for possible publication in the Journal.  The Jackson Purchase, which encompasses most of west Tennessee and southwest Kentucky, was added to the United States in 1818 through a treaty with the Chickasaw Indians.  Manuscripts of articles, annotated documents, and interviews related to the Jackson Purchase will be considered for publication in the Journal.  The editor welcomes manuscripts addressing such traditional topics as war, politics, and society as well as manuscripts focusing on less examined subjects, such as race, gender, and the environment.    

The editor encourages submissions from both scholars and nonacademics.  When submitting their manuscripts, writers must inform the editor whether they want their manuscripts to go through a peer review process.  Peer reviewers are members of the board and other individuals qualified to assess manuscripts.  If writers choose to forgo the peer review process, their manuscripts will still be considered for publication.  Both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed manuscripts should by well written and thoroughly documented and should follow the guidelines below. 

  • Preferred manuscript length is 4,000 to 8,000 words, not counting footnotes
  • Use 12-point type for both text and footnotes.
  • Double-space text and single space footnotes.  Do not use endnotes.
  • Write author's name and institutional affiliation on the title page.
  • Consult 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style for all questions relating to text and footnotes.
  • Submit manuscript as an 8 ½ by 11 Word document.    
  • Submit manuscript to    
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James Humphreys, Editor
Journal of the Jackson Purchase Historical Society
Department of History
Murray State University
Murray KY 42071-3341