International workshop on "Other Voices: European Influence on the Cold War in Asia"

Wasana Wongsurawat Announcement
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Asian History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, European History / Studies, Political History / Studies, World History / Studies

The Centre for European Studies and the Department of History of Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, THAILAND) will host an international workshop on "Other Voices: European Influence in the Cold War in Asia" on 20-21 January 2020.

The workshop in aimed to investigate alternative perspectives on the development of the Cold War in Asia, especially in terms of involvement and influences of Europe both as individual nations and a community of nations through the processes decolonization of Asia as well as European involvement in the Cold War through the formation of various international bodies--NATO, the European Union, the Warsaw Pact, etc. We hope to expand the horizon of our understanding of the Cold War in Asia beyond being the site of proxy wars between the US and the USSR or simply a backdrop for the rise of Maoist China as the third Cold War superpower. This investigation might also better our understanding of decolonization in Asia and the various success or failure to modernize, develope and democratize across the Asian continent, depending on each country's colonial history, decolonizing experience and participation in the Cold War. 

Interested parties should send a proposal including an abstract (>300 words) and a brief bio to before 15 November 2019.

Proposals selected for the workshop would be announced on 20 November 2019

Organizers would provide up to 3 nights accommodation in Bangkok through the course of the workshop and partial travel expenses. 

Further inquiries, please email

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Assoc. Prof. Wasana Wongsurawat

Department of History, Faculty of Arts

Chulalongkorn University

Bangkok 10330 THAILAND

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